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Digital Marketing and Web Design

Digital Marketing Services

There are countless online marketing solutions for small businesses. In the past few recent years, online marketing for small businesses has changed the way small businesses not only advertise but strategize. Certain digital marketing solutions for small businesses like on-page SEO and content marketing can potentially transform the way small businesses attract their audiences online. Do you wonder how to go about your small business content ideas? Allow Commumental to help out with your next big idea through web design, marketing help, and our specialized digital marketing methods.

More than professional website builders, we have the means to strategize and deploy digital marketing campaigns and related online marketing SEO services. Take a look at our many digital marketing and advertising services like website design packages, quality SEO services, graphic design, and logo design. Call us for local digital marketing services today.

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Local Digital Marketing Services

We provide local digital marketing services to small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Metro-Detroit but our marketing help extends everywhere. Our digital marketing services ranging from logo design, creative website design, quality SEO services, and assistance with launching small business content ideas.

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Logo Design and Branding

Imagine artwork and media that is crafted to bring your vision to life. Graphic design is the foundation of what we do at Commumental. Because art has no language barriers, it makes it the perfect medium for getting your message across.

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Digital Marketing Services

Establishing goals and how to accomplish them. Commumental will help you strategize a campaign specific to your needs through planned communications and marketing efforts.

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Web Design Packages

Does your small business need a lead generator? What if you could get a low-cost website to serve as a platform for organic content? We’ve got great web design that can even provide you e-commerce and shopping functionality. Get the website you deserve in a monthly website plan.

Collateral Design

We’ve mastered the art of visual communication.  Does your business use graphic design or media such as infographics, and memes?Commumental LC also develops presentations, press and media kits, social media aesthetics and more! We are a professional digital marketing company with expertise in graphic design. Our portfolio hosts many logo design examples for you to get inspired from.


Logo Design


Corporate Brand Identity


Graphic Design




Electronic Press Kits

Digital MARKETING Services

Say yes to online visibility. Digital marketing optimization means that your brand is using each of its channels effectively. We can craft a strategy that clearly explains your goal, the best way to attain digital marketing optimization. Commumental LC offers local digital marketing services to small businesses in need of marketing help. We provide quality SEO services, social media management, and other digital marketing and advertising services.


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Keyword Research


Content marketing


Social media management packages


Online marketing SEO services

Affordable Web Design

Our WordPress monthky website plans are sure to meet all of your website needs. Our web design rates consider every budget because great website design can be costly. In fact, check out our different site packages to see which fits best for your needs. Regardless of whatever website you need, Commumental LC can provide you an affordable website that is SEO friendly, features dynamic web pages, and is mobile responsive. 


New Website Design


Professional Website Builders


Online Business Web Design


Low-cost Website


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Professional Digital Marketing Company

Feel free to browse our blog, services, or frequently asked questions as you may be able to find answers to your digital marketing questions there. Or take the first step to master your perfect marketing mix by reaching out today.


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