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Digital Marketing Support

Digital Marketing

Consider Commumental LC when looking for digital marketing agencies in Detroit. We have the expertise to help you meet your internet marketing goals. From SEO search engine optimization, keyword research, social media marketing, and content marketing. With all our business services in mind, why hesitate to schedule a digital marketing consultation with Commumental LC? We go beyond web designing services with in-depth strategy that is tailored to your brand’s current needs.

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We've got digital marketing solutions

Commumental LC has digital marketing services for small businesses. Our digital marketing strategy services include affordable website design, site redesign, and digital marketing SEO services.

Digital Marketing Agency for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing Solutions

Rely on Commumental LC to be your digital marketing support. During digital marketing consultation, we will get an understanding of where your brand stands versus where you hope to be. All of our consultations take place over video conference and a direct invitation to your Google Meet appointment will be emailed to you upon booking.

“Very professional and reliable! Was able to help me get on the right track with my business plan, marketing ideas and is the best at PR!! Makes me feel like a celebrity! I will always support!”

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Brand Discovery Call

Do you want to elevate the way people view your business? Book a brand strategy call with Commumental. We will analyze your present branding challenges during our 35-minute, video conference alongside ready-to-apply solutions.

Website Discovery Call

Look no further than Commumental for web design consultation. We want to learn your business goals in order to meet your brand and client needs. Schedule our 45-minute, video conference today to cover the sitemap, pages, and strategy of your improved website.

Content Marketing Consultation

Are you taking full advantage of your social media platform? Book a content marketing consultation with Commumental. We will analyze your present social media and/or content development challenges during our one-hour, video conference alongside ready-to-apply solutions.

Website Strategy

What does your venture need? A lead generator? A platform for organic content? Ecommerce and shopping functionality? Let Commumental provide you the website you deserve. Our monthly website strategy is complementary to all Start and Pro subscribers of our Design My Site packages.

Let’s elevate your idea


Send us an email with your digital marketing questions and concerns. Our digital marketing skills include but are not limited to:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Content marketing
  • Web design and website management


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